About Us

Art Sport Costumes is a family business that has been at your service for 45 years. The destination to get your clothes or dance shoes!!!!!
Located at 550 du Marais Street in Quebec City, Art Sport Costumes offers a wide selection of sports and dance accessories. Whether you are an amateur or a professional ballet, tap or social dance, be sure to find a shoe to your foot among the range of dance shoes offered. You can also buy costumes such as leotards for gymnastics, figure skating dress, ect.
Our Products
Dancewear and accessories in Sainte-Foy

Find a shoe to dance

No matter what style of dance you're passionate about, you'll find the perfect item at Art Sport Costumes, including:

• Clothes and dance costumes: ballet, jazz, hip-hop, flamenco, latin dances, social dances, etc.
• Gymnastics clothing and costumes
• Clothing and cheerleading costumes
• Clothing and costumes figure skating
• Spikes for ballet (companies Bloch, Sansha, Grishko, Gaynor Minden)

The store also offers dance shoes (social dances, flamenco, tap, hip-hop, country, cheerleading, jazz, etc.) of the following brands:

• Stéphanie
• GoGo Dance
• So Danca
• Diamond
• Sansha
• Rummos
• Anatomica
• Nfiniti
• Bloch

In order to offer you the most fashionable accessories and clothing, Art Sport Costumes stores products of specialized brands, including:

• Mondor
• Bloch
• Mirella
• Sancha
• Capezio
• Motionwear

Other accessories available:

• Various accessories for hair
• Accessories for spikes ("Pads", ribbons, elastics, sewing kits)
• Handguard and wrist guard for gymnastics
• Cheerleading stockings
• Yoga stockings
• Dance and figure skating tights
• Bag for dance and gymnastic equipment
• Suitcase for figure skating.